Personal Training

Are you thinking about bettering yourself through training but are unsure where to look? Then look no further than ZDN FITNESS! I pride myself on maximising the potential of each and every one of my clients. My number one priority is your improvement, progression and satisfaction of reaching your goals.

From Premier League footballers and International Cyclists to people who have never trained before and everyone in between, I apply my extensive knowledge and experience to each client to help them reach their goals no matter their background or experience and guarantee results.

Cycling Coaching

Tailor made training programs for cyclists and cycling clubs with unlimited contact to help you to maximise your potential within your available training time.

Results Guaranteed.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) focuses on the physical development of athletes together with injury rehabilitation and prevention in order to improve elite sporting performance.

ZDN Fitness work in partnership with the sports coaches and as part of a sport science and medical multidisciplinary team to design S&C programmes tailored to the sport and the athlete’s individual needs.

These programmes focus on the development of a variety of physical capacities, such as strength, speed, plyometric ability, flexibility, power and physical conditioning. The needs of the athlete are targeted through a programme that aims to address the athlete’s weaknesses, develop their strengths and prepare the athlete for optimal sporting performance.